Brockway Carpets: The Best Brockway Carpet Styles and Reviews From Our Experts

Wool carpets are an excellent choice for homes of all kinds: They are soft to the touch, long-lasting, and sustainable. However, with so many wool carpets to choose from, selecting the right one for your home is no easy task.  This week, to help you with your search, we’re shining the spotlight on Brockway Carpets: One of our most incredible flooring brand partners and producers of some of the finest wool carpets in Britain.  Our Brockway Carpets guide will provide you with all the expert guidance you need before investing.... Read More

Abingdon Carpets: The Best Abingdon Flooring Collections for your Home

When shopping for new carpet flooring, it most definitely pays to do your research. You don’t want to settle for the first twist-pile you see, and if you own a pet or have a household with children, it’s essential to choose a carpet that caters for that.  Of course, there are endless brands to choose from on today’s market, making choosing the right carpet for your home a demanding task. That’s where we come in. At Morgan & Quinn, we’ve got the skills and expertise to separate the average twist-pile... Read More


Abingdon Carpets: 5 Incredible Carpet Collections

When it’s time to choose your new flooring option Abingdon carpets have an impressive collection of styles to choose from; offering both contemporary and classic designs at prices that won’t break the bank. Our Abingdon carpet range is very popular and competitively priced, with a choice of colours and styles for everyone. Here are some key styles from the Abingdon range. Charter Supreme The Charter Supreme secondary backed carpet is ideal for those looking for a little more opulence and luxury. Offering supreme comfort and style from just £21.99m2. Made from 80% wool, it’s... Read More

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Modulyss Carpet Tiles

With other 25 years of experience in the carpet industry, Modulyss offers outstanding quality with cutting edge design. Next to their ability to totally transform a room with their unique designs and bold colours, Modulyss carpet tiles boast an abundant of other benefits. From acoustic performance or light reflection, to better walking comfort or a high practicality for DIY fittings with tricky shaped floor spaces: Modulyss’ strong focus on innovation means they create tiles perfect for any room or project. So why choose carpet tiles? Not only do Modulyss carpet... Read More


Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is versatile, low-maintenance and cost effective. It’s the perfect choice for kitchens or bathrooms, owing to its durability and easy-clean surfaces. At Morgan & Quinn, we offer the cheapest and best vinyl flooring in the UK, so you can enjoy the many advantages it offers at an excellent price. Here are just some of the benefits it offers. Advantages of Vinyl Flooring For a start, its durability means that it will stand up against the normal wear and tear our flooring faces every day. Want your floors to... Read More


The Pros (and Cons) of Synthetic Lawn

Did you know that in addition to traditional carpeting, laminates and tiles, we also stock artificial grass carpet? For some homeowners, the use of artificial grass is a contentious issue, but for those without access to fertile ground – it’s a life changer. Whether it’s applied in a domestic or public space, artificial grass offers superior portability and convenience you simply can’t achieve with nature’s green carpet. Realism and comfort are vital issues for us, and we understand that for customers this is not a fleeting expense, but a long term... Read More

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Carpets in East Yorkshire

Morgan & Quinn was born in East Yorkshire and from humble beginnings we have grown to become the leading East Yorkshire carpet and flooring specialist. Our company ethos is to deliver exceptional levels of customer service and we attribute our success to maintaining consistent professionalism and the inherent quality and value of all our carpets. In total, Morgan & Quinn has four stores across the East Yorkshire region, located in Goole, Anlaby and Brough. Our primary store is in Goole near the main market street and this is where you... Read More


New range of online products – Abingdon Carpets

New range of online products – Abingdon Carpets We are pleased to announce that we are now being supported online by Abingdon Flooring! Their ranges are available to buy on Morgan & Quinn’s website now! Abingdon Flooring is a leading manufacturer of carpets, and the largest private flooring company in the UK, with production premises based in multiple locations including the north of England, South Wales and the West Midlands. With over 400 employees and nearly ten million square metres of carpet made every year, Abingdon have forged a reputation... Read More


New range of online products – Penthouse Carpets

New range of online products – Penthouse Carpets We are pleased to announce that we are now being supported online by Penthouse Carpets and Mayfield. Their ranges are available to buy on Morgan & Quinn’s website now! Penthouse Carpets offer a wide range of pure wool, and wool rich carpets, nothing can match the luxury and feel of a wool rich carpet. Whichever Penthouse carpet you choose, you can have the confidence that the experience gained in 40 years of carpet manufacturing will be used to make you a top... Read More

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The Strange World of Custom Carpets

We can’t say any of the following carpets are likely to appear at Morgan & Quinn, but we can confirm they sure do make us smile. The following carpets showcase what a little ingenuity and flare can bring to your home, in this case through the art of the carpet! Many of these were homemade by those looking to craft against the status quo, which in turn have proven rather inspirational! Super Mario Carpet This delightful Mario carpet is actually the result of birthday romance! A Nintendo loving boyfriend received this... Read More