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The Ultimate Carpet Care Guide: How to Properly Care for your New Carpet Flooring

Unwanted spills and stains are a part of everyday life. However, they don’t have to be the demise of your new carpet flooring.  Your carpet is a natural hoarder. From dirt and grime to liquids and grease, it can secretly stash up to 20kg of unwanted debris, which, after time, can seriously damage the quality of your carpet.  Of course, prevention is always better than cure, which is why here at Morgan & Quinn, we’ve put together the ultimate carpet care guide to help you keep your new flooring looking... Read More

Artificial Grass: Mowing Man Hours Saved

The average gardener can spend up to 70 hours per year mowing their lawn. Over a lifetime, that’s weeks of your life pushing a lawnmower up and down your garden. Artificial grass is a convenient alternative for gardeners who are pushed for time. With proper care and maintenance, good quality artificial grass can last up to 20 years. And best of all, it never needs mowing. What will you do with all those reclaimed hours? Our infographic ‘Artificial Grass: Mowing Man Hours Saved’ sets out a few of our favourite ways... Read More


How to prepare for and lay artificial grass

Everyone likes the thought of having a beautiful garden that is almost maintenance free don’t they? These days there are many high quality solutions on the market to make your outdoor living that much better and easier to deal with. With a real grass look and feel our range of artificial grass is the answer to how to achieve such a result. There’s no need to water it in dry weather and the artificial turf is porous so won’t have puddles in the rain: it’s ideal for most gardens. With... Read More

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All about Penthouse Carpets

Penthouse carpets have been manufacturing luxurious wool-rich carpets in the Uk for over 40 years. From Buckley Carpet Mill in Rochdale they produce some of the best British made carpets available on the market today and each come in a vast variety of different colours as well as grades. The Penthouse products on our website have been the most popular in recent months with the Esprit 75oz and the Shoreline 50oz standing out in particular. Our Penthouse carpets are turned around in 24 hours and then dispatched next day to mainland... Read More


Buying carpet online: Complete guide (updated for 2018/19)

You don’t buy carpet very often, but you walk on it every day. So when you’re searching for a new carpet, you’ll want a product that hits the mark in terms of both style and durability. Despite the fact that you can quickly and easily buy carpet online from your favourite web retailer, as with any relatively expensive purchase it pays to do your research, shop around, and get what you want, for a price you feel comfortable paying. If you are considering buying your next carpet online, here are some things... Read More

5 Great Uses for Carpet Offcuts

We all know that when we have a lovely new carpet laid it doesn’t matter how well we have measured, there is always have that extra little bit of carpet that’s left over. It’s always such a shame to throw it away – so don’t! There are plenty of different uses you can find for your spare bits of carpet and it’s likely you haven’t even considered these carpet recycling alternatives yet… 1. Create a doormat or runner Of course, this will be the most popular use for that extra bit of... Read More


How to keep your carpet clean

Your carpet could be dirtier than your toilet seat.  That’s why properly maintaining and cleaning your carpet is not just an aesthetic choice. It can also help to keep bugs and mites at bay – perfect for those who suffer with asthma and/or allergies. Check out our infographic below. It contains our top tips on how to keep your carpet clean.