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  • What is estimated delivery?

    If your item is in stock, we quote 5-7 days delivery. However it is usually processed within 2 days and delivered next day therafter.

  • Will my wood/laminate come on a pallet?

    For certain orders over a certain volume we will send the order on a pallet. This makes it easier to transport and means it is less likely to get damaged in handling etc.

  • What delivery company do you use?

    We use a whole host of delivery teams depending on the product/s you order. Upon placing an order we would be able to tell you the company that will deliver your good. It is all dependent on size, weight and location.

  • How do I measure a square rooms area?

    To measure the area of a square of rectangular room, measure the extreme length and width and multiply the measurments. For example if your room is 4 metres wide and 4.7 metres long. Multiple 4 by 4.7 equals 18.8 square metres. When ordering flooring on our website simply enter these two figures and we’ll do the rest anyway, our product pages will tell you how many packs you need!!

  • How do I measure my room if it isn't square?

    If your room isn’t square then you can either measure the extreme measurements and have some wastage, alternatively you can break the room up into sections to get your overall square metre coverage. For example if your room is T shaped or L shaped, you could measure them in two separate areas.

  • Can I order my floor using different measurement units?

    No unfortunately we need to know your order in metres. If you have measured a length in yards, simply multiply this measurement by 0.9144 to get your metre measurement. If you have measured your room in feet and inches, multiply the inches by 0.0254.

    The best option is to ask us using live chat and we will help you complete your order.

  • Do you sell more in-store?


    The products you see online are just a snapshop of what we sell. If you are a local customer, visit one of our stores. If you are not local, let us know what you are looking for and it is probably the case that we just haven't put it online yet!