The Pros (and Cons) of Synthetic Lawn

Did you know that in addition to traditional carpeting, laminates and tiles, we also stock artificial grass carpet? For some homeowners, the use of artificial grass is a contentious issue, but for those without access to fertile ground – it’s a life changer. Whether it’s applied in a domestic or public space, artificial grass offers superior portability and convenience you simply can’t achieve with nature’s green carpet. Realism and comfort are vital issues for us, and we understand that for customers this is not a fleeting expense, but a long term investment. Enough spiel, let’s weigh up the pros and (minimal) cons!


  • Convenience

As we mentioned before: artificial grass is not only easy to lay, replace and present but also certifiably easy to clean. While it’s inevitable that outside use will lead to natural wear (dog muck, dirty shoes, caustic weather), these issues become minimal inconveniences as artificial grass can be cleaned in no time at all. Also, keep in mind that winter’s muddy bogs will become a thing of the past!

  • Chore Free Enjoyment

While mowing and preening is a cathartic act of cultivation for the proud and able gardener, many people struggle to maintain their patch due to age, disabilities, or debilitating time constraints. Artificial grass does away with the stress and strife, offering a clean and natural aesthetic to even the most unruly environment.

  • Bespoke Garden Possibilities

Due to the current housing crisis and the unrelenting popularity of rental property, many young adults (and many older ones too) no longer have ample access to a natural garden. Roof terraces, balconies and concrete yards are a common compromise, but do they have to look so… uninspiring? No, they don’t – get measuring, apply a fresh cut of artificial grass and bring the pleasure of a natural aesthetic back to your domestic escape.


Due to artificial grass not being a result of natural growth, don’t expect your seedlings to grow! Of course, to try and plant them to begin with would be something of a lost cause. The only prominent con: it’s not real.

If you wish to discuss our artificial grass range with a member of the Morgan & Quinn team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01405 761719 or drop by one of our showrooms.

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