Best carpet for grey walls

As trends move constantly, the questions we are asked change rapidly. The main ’in style’ at the moment is the traditional or ‘shabby chic’ grey or white walls. However, the problem with grey walls is what colour carpet to use to compliment them. Grey walls and grey carpets can actually often go very nicely!  

You can achieve many different looks but using different grey tones and introducing other bold or subtle colours to go with.

Grey walls can easily make a boring room look very sophisticated with a combination of furniture and echoers to suit. For example, a recent customer had decorated using a very warm grey with grey carpet but they were introducing a very bold red in their furniture using cushions and throws. It gave a really nice feel as if you were in a different culture. 

Another customer had a lime green addition using furnishings to their grey decor. This almost give an icy but forestry kind of feeling. 

I our opinion the use of greys to achieve contemporary looks int going to faze out any time soon! Grey carpet is by far the most popular colour currently.

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