Polyflor Vinyl Flooring

Founded in 1915, Polyflor has developed an impressive portfolio, refining the art of vinyl manufacturing to produce a variety of luxury flooring collections.

Polyflor is both a socially and economically responsible manufacturer, with a core vision to be as carbon neutral as possible. Polyflor prides itself on following the Three Pillars of Sustainability: Environment, People and Economic sustainability.

So why choose Polyflor?

Polyflor is a balanced mix of style and substance. Whilst hosting an impressive collection of various finishes and colours to suit every home, it brings comfort and warmth to your home as well as amazing functionality. It works well with underfloor heating, and combined with its acoustic properties, it will feel like a dream under your feet. 

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Modulyss Carpet Tiles

We are excited to the announce the arrival of Modulyss carpet tiles!

With over 25 years of experience in the carpet industry, Modulyss offers outstanding quality with cutting edge design.

Next to their ability to totally transform a room with their unique designs and bold colours, Modulyss carpet tiles boast an abundant of other benefits. From acoustic performance or light reflection, to better walking comfort or a high practicality for DIY fittings with tricky shaped floor spaces: Modulyss’ strong focus on innovation means they create tiles perfect for any room or project.


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BHK Moderna LVT Click is here...

Due to Morgan & Quinn's ever increasing online exposure in the flooring world, we have acquired BHK Moderna's Luxury Vinyl Tile range exclusively in the UK. This German made LVT is absolutely stunning with a range of beautiful modern shades and styles. 

The LVT market is growing and a lot of brands are coming to market from China, the US and Europe but our experience tells us, this German engineered product is the best out there!

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Karndean Online Boom!

2017 has started off great here at Morgan & Quinn and we have seen a major shift in purchasing patterns of our products. Karndean sales have gone through the roof in recent weeks, mainly the Van Gogh and the Da Vinci ranges!

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Welcome to our Houzz

Welcome to our HOUZZ

Here at Morgan & Quinn you know we like to have our fingers in all of the social media pies and now we have found ourselves on HOUZZ

HOUZZ is a website for all things interior design for the home, the office and even the garden!

It all started when a couple were planning to renovate their house and found themselves under a mountain of magazines and referrals of local tradesmen from friends and relatives but still had no joy making their vision of their dream house a reality…

And so HOUZZ was born! 

They thought what a great idea it would be to be rid of the magazine clippings and scrap bits of paper with the painter & decorators number on and have everything in one place online where other aspiring interior designers can share their vision, in addition this HOUZZ has also evolved into a place where not only can you find a tradesman but you can buy the actual products you see with a click of the mouse!

So for something that started out as a bit of hobby now has over 40 million users (make that 40 million +1)

Download the App and create your dream Houzz!


5 Great Uses for Carpet Offcuts

We all know that when we have a lovely new carpet laid it doesn’t matter how well we have measured, there is always have that extra little bit of carpet that’s left over. It’s always such a shame to throw it away – so don’t! There are plenty of different uses you can find for your spare bits of carpet and it's likely you haven't even considered these carpet recycling alternatives yet...

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Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is versatile, low-maintenance and cost effective. It’s the perfect choice for kitchens or bathrooms, owing to its durability and easy-clean surfaces.

At Morgan & Quinn, we offer the cheapest and best vinyl flooring in the UK, so you can enjoy the many advantages it offers at an excellent price. Here are just some of the benefits it offers.

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Laminate Flooring Advice

Being one of the online leaders in flooring supply, our knowledge is not just in one product. We have experts across many different fields from carpet to wood to laminate to artificial grass.

Laminate popularty has grown hugely in the past few years and the product has grown too. It is now easier to lay and maintain than ever and a lot of products comes with lengthy guarantees. The choices of laminate are vaster than ever meaning it can become confusing as to what to choose for what room. Laminate comes in many forms, it can have special elements making it water resistant, it can come in many different thicknesses and of course come in many different shades and style.

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Best carpet for grey walls

As trends move constantly, the questions we are asked change rapidly. The main ’in style’ at the moment is the traditional or ‘shabby chic’ grey or white walls. However, the problem with grey walls is what colour carpet to use to compliment them. Grey and grey can often go very nicely but often not!

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Look After Your Floor This Winter

Winter is coming … or so we heard. And with it comes all the harshest elements, brought into your home and ground into your beautiful floor from the bottom of many shoes and boots. But don’t worry; there are things you can do before the cold months really set in.

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