Introducing… Adam Carpets

Morgan & Quinn now stock an extensive range of Adam Carpets online.

Famed for their award-winning designs and superb attention to detail, Adam Carpets have been manufactured in the same factory in Kidderminster for over 80 years. As champions of British Wool, each of their batches are rigorously tested to ensure strict quality control.

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Artificial Grass: Mowing Man Hours Saved

The average gardener can spend up to 70 hours per year mowing their lawn. Over a lifetime, that's weeks of your life pushing a lawnmower up and down your garden. 

Artificial grass can last up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. Our handy infographic shows what you could do with all that saved time. 


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Polyflor Vinyl Flooring

Founded in 1915, Polyflor has developed an impressive portfolio, refining the art of vinyl manufacturing to produce a variety of luxury flooring collections.

Polyflor is both a socially and economically responsible manufacturer, with a core vision to be as carbon neutral as possible. Polyflor prides itself on following the Three Pillars of Sustainability: Environment, People and Economic sustainability.

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Modulyss Carpet Tiles

We are excited to the announce the arrival of Modulyss carpet tiles!

With over 25 years of experience in the carpet industry, Modulyss offers outstanding quality with cutting edge design.

Next to their ability to totally transform a room with their unique designs and bold colours, Modulyss carpet tiles boast an abundant of other benefits.

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BHK Moderna LVT Click is here...

Due to Morgan & Quinn's ever increasing online exposure in the flooring world, we have acquired BHK Moderna's Luxury Vinyl Tile range exclusively in the UK. This German made LVT is absolutely stunning with a range of beautiful modern shades and styles. 

The LVT market is growing and a lot of brands are coming to market from China, the US and Europe but our experience tells us, this German engineered product is the best out there!

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