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We are proud suppliers of Abingdon Flooring, a brand that consistently has style and comfort in mind when it comes to your home. Our extensive collection features high-quality cushion flooring, Berber carpets, Saxony carpets, Wilton carpets and twist pile carpets for you to incorporate into your interior to create a space that you love coming home to. Admired throughout the flooring industry, Abingdon Flooring is constantly working to stay at the top of its game when it comes to product quality and production, and aim to leave customers with a beautiful and welcoming space. Here at Morgan & Quinn, our extensive collection is sure to have the perfect option for you.

Abingdon flooring
Abingdon Flooring
Abingdon Flooring

Why choose Abingdon Flooring?

A high level of practical performance comes as standard with Abingdon Flooring products, which is why only the best, top grade raw materials are used to create its carpets. The brand is famous for its innovative range of Stainfree easy-clean carpets which are made to stand the test of time and are available in a huge selection of beautiful colours and patterns, from simple neutrals to intricate multicoloured patterns. Manufacturing takes place at their factory in South Wales, with offices across the UK; ensuring the British heritage that it has enjoyed for many years is maintained. Take a look at our extensive collection of stunning Abingdon Flooring today and elevate your interior to create your ideal home.

"We have been trading with Morgan & Quinn for over 30 years now and our partnership has been growing in strength throughout the whole time. However, recently the working partnership has grown stronger than ever. Morgan and Quinn not only hold an extremely strong online presence retailing our products, but their stock holding of our carpet rolls has never been better than right now. They continue to invest in our products, not only the new ranges but the trusty sellers that have a proven track record. We are excited for the months and years to come as Morgan & Quinn continue to exceed our expectations and I believe we do theirs too."

Martin Peace, Sales & Marketing Director, Abingdon Flooring

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