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Artificial Grass: Mowing Man Hours Saved

The average gardener can spend up to 70 hours per year mowing their lawn. Over a lifetime, that’s weeks of your life pushing a lawnmower up and down your garden. Artificial grass is a convenient alternative for gardeners who are pushed for time. With proper care and maintenance, good quality artificial grass can last up to 20 years. And best of all, it never needs mowing. What will you do with all those reclaimed hours? Our infographic ‘Artificial Grass: Mowing Man Hours Saved’ sets out a few of our favourite ways... Read More

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Modulyss Carpet Tiles

With other 25 years of experience in the carpet industry, Modulyss offers outstanding quality with cutting edge design. Next to their ability to totally transform a room with their unique designs and bold colours, Modulyss carpet tiles boast an abundant of other benefits. From acoustic performance or light reflection, to better walking comfort or a high practicality for DIY fittings with tricky shaped floor spaces: Modulyss’ strong focus on innovation means they create tiles perfect for any room or project. So why choose carpet tiles? Not only do Modulyss carpet... Read More


The Pros (and Cons) of Synthetic Lawn

Did you know that in addition to traditional carpeting, laminates and tiles, we also stock artificial grass carpet? For some homeowners, the use of artificial grass is a contentious issue, but for those without access to fertile ground – it’s a life changer. Whether it’s applied in a domestic or public space, artificial grass offers superior portability and convenience you simply can’t achieve with nature’s green carpet. Realism and comfort are vital issues for us, and we understand that for customers this is not a fleeting expense, but a long term... Read More


Buying carpet online: Complete guide (updated for 2018/19)

You don’t buy carpet very often, but you walk on it every day. So when you’re searching for a new carpet, you’ll want a product that hits the mark in terms of both style and durability. Despite the fact that you can quickly and easily buy carpet online from your favourite web retailer, as with any relatively expensive purchase it pays to do your research, shop around, and get what you want, for a price you feel comfortable paying. If you are considering buying your next carpet online, here are some things... Read More

5 Great Uses for Carpet Offcuts

We all know that when we have a lovely new carpet laid it doesn’t matter how well we have measured, there is always have that extra little bit of carpet that’s left over. It’s always such a shame to throw it away – so don’t! There are plenty of different uses you can find for your spare bits of carpet and it’s likely you haven’t even considered these carpet recycling alternatives yet… 1. Create a doormat or runner Of course, this will be the most popular use for that extra bit of... Read More

Website Launch

Website Launch May 2015 Morgan & Quinn have launched their brand new retail website. We have been working crazy hard on our new site for quite some time now to make sure it is the best of the best. We have used our best suppliers and created new relationships to provide the UK market with the best possible options for flooring, beds and all other furniture, we have even got our self-named range of bedroom furniture. The website has carpets and flooring from the leading UK manufacturers, most of which... Read More

All about Anlaby…

All about Anlaby… Anlaby is a village forming part of the western suburbs of Kingston upon Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It forms part of the civil parish of Anlaby with Anlaby Common. Ref: Wikipedia. Our Anlaby shop opened in July 2007 to the general public providing an alternative for the people of Hull as apposed to the leading Nationals. There are many large carpet shops in Hull, however Morgan & Quinn offer a more competitive solution to that of the National leaders. Morgan & Quinn buy... Read More

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Carpets in East Yorkshire

Morgan & Quinn was born in East Yorkshire and from humble beginnings we have grown to become the leading East Yorkshire carpet and flooring specialist. Our company ethos is to deliver exceptional levels of customer service and we attribute our success to maintaining consistent professionalism and the inherent quality and value of all our carpets. In total, Morgan & Quinn has four stores across the East Yorkshire region, located in Goole, Anlaby and Brough. Our primary store is in Goole near the main market street and this is where you... Read More

Hull City of Culture Plans

For the very first time, images were released last week showing what we can expect to see from the City of Culture revamp. See our views below from a local business point of view, Morgan & Quinn, who sell carpets from Hull (Anlaby), Goole and Brough. Hull City Council say that this incredible work will be beginning next month and we can’t wait!! During the revamp we can expect to see various changes, one of which being eight shallow mirror pools to be added in a revamped Trinity Square. We... Read More


New range of online products – Abingdon Carpets

New range of online products – Abingdon Carpets We are pleased to announce that we are now being supported online by Abingdon Flooring! Their ranges are available to buy on Morgan & Quinn’s website now! Abingdon Flooring is a leading manufacturer of carpets, and the largest private flooring company in the UK, with production premises based in multiple locations including the north of England, South Wales and the West Midlands. With over 400 employees and nearly ten million square metres of carpet made every year, Abingdon have forged a reputation... Read More