The Strange World of Custom Carpets

We can’t say any of the following carpets are likely to appear at Morgan & Quinn, but we can confirm they sure do make us smile. The following carpets showcase what a little ingenuity and flare can bring to your home, in this case through the art of the carpet! Many of these were homemade by those looking to craft against the status quo, which in turn have proven rather inspirational!

Super Mario Carpet

This delightful Mario carpet is actually the result of birthday romance! A Nintendo loving boyfriend received this as a gift from his girlfriend who painstakingly handcrafted every weave! Read more here: Craftster forum.

Tee Off and Relax

Fancy an afternoon doze on the golfing lawn but don’t fancy getting your nose knocked off by rogue golfers? These folk found the perfect solution…

Yolk n’ Laze

Designed by Valentina Audrito, this double yolk delight is not only an aesthetic treat, but a cuddly comfort to boot!

Andante Carpet

Practice your scales and tread the boards of your music room in style! You need never forget your keys again!

Rawr’ing Good Fun

Dumont Taxidermy Studio sure know how to craft a ghastly, albeit visually striking carpet. We’re not likely to have this draped on our living room floor, but those will a more sinister palette will no doubt love it!

What do you think of these leftfield designs? Ever made a custom rug yourself? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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