The Curious Cult of the PDX Carpet

We’ve heard of people growing attached to inanimate objects before, but imagine our surprise when the Morgan & Quinn team discovered that a retired American airport carpet has been immortalised by cult fandom! Yes, the Portland PDX Airport carpet infatuated travellers to such a degree that it’s become a cult symbol in its own right.

For many, the tacky yet strangely comforting geometric pattern was a sign of both homeward familiarity and new adventures. Laid in 1987, ‘The PDX Carpet‘ remained proudly in place for 18 years until its bittersweet retirement in 2015. If you ask the average airport regular what their favourite airport carpet is, chances are they’ll draw a blank; for Portland, this old spread was more than just a carpet – it was a cultural icon.

Following the announcement in January 2015 that the carpet would be replaced, thousands of people returned to the airport to grab photos, selfies and memorabilia of the carpet. Portland International Airport soon realised they had something of a cultural phenomenon on their hands, and subsequently launched the PDX Carpet Festival as a kind farewell gesture. This resulted in over 40,000 ‘feet’ selfies which can be viewed online.

If you happen to yearn for the carpet’s naff yet idiosyncratic design, you can still buy souvenirs such as t-shirts, mugs, socks adorned with the PDX pattern!

Madness, eh?

Here’s hoping one of our carpets at Morgan & Quinn becomes so iconic!

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