Polyflor Vinyl Flooring

Founded in 1915, Polyflor has developed an impressive portfolio, refining the art of vinyl manufacturing to produce a variety of luxury flooring collections.

Polyflor is both a socially and economically responsible manufacturer, with a core vision to be as carbon neutral as possible. Polyflor prides itself on following the Three Pillars of Sustainability: Environment, People and Economic sustainability.

So why choose Polyflor?

Polyflor is a balanced mix of style and substance. Whilst hosting an impressive collection of various finishes and colours to suit every home, it brings comfort and warmth to your home as well as amazing functionality. It works well with underfloor heating, and combined with its acoustic properties, it will feel like a dream under your feet. 

The perfect flooring solution for busy family homes, your high footfall can only be matched by the durability of Polyflor. Hard-wearing and easy to maintain and clean, it couldn’t be easier, allowing your floor to continue looking amazing for years to come.   

The varied styles of this flooring make it suitable for every room of the house, the only area that it can’t be used to cover are your stairways. The best part about our flooring is that the installation is as simple as sticking it to your floor. Ideal for rooms with awkward areas, as it can be shaped around your room, creating a seamless fit.

If you’re looking for fuss-free interior style then Polyflor is the flooring for you. Discover more about Polyflor here


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