Modulyss Carpet Tiles

With other 25 years of experience in the carpet industry, Modulyss offers outstanding quality with cutting edge design.

Next to their ability to totally transform a room with their unique designs and bold colours, Modulyss carpet tiles boast an abundant of other benefits. From acoustic performance or light reflection, to better walking comfort or a high practicality for DIY fittings with tricky shaped floor spaces: Modulyss’ strong focus on innovation means they create tiles perfect for any room or project.

So why choose carpet tiles?

Not only do Modulyss carpet tiles guarantee a long performance life, they also ensure easy instalment, replacement and maintenance. By choosing carpet tiles you can save money, thanks to smaller cuttings costing less than larger carpets or any other flooring alternatives. Fitting carpet tiles also eliminates the use of permanent glue and allows for phased installations. 

The unique colour retention and appearance of each tile makes cleaning easier and cheaper, it also makes the creative possibilities endless. Modulyss carpet tile collections are available in various colours, structures and patterns. Feel free to mix & match: the creative possibilities are endless!

Modulyss aims to encourage more businesses to ‘go green’ and recycles raw materials, uses solvent-free backing and a rain water system.  Always pushing toward a combination of creativity, functionality and sustainability, you can discover more about Modulyss carpet tiles here. 

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