Brockway Carpets: The Best Brockway Carpet Styles and Reviews From Our Experts

Wool carpets are an excellent choice for homes of all kinds: They are soft to the touch, long-lasting, and sustainable. However, with so many wool carpets to choose from, selecting the right one for your home is no easy task. 

This week, to help you with your search, we’re shining the spotlight on Brockway Carpets: One of our most incredible flooring brand partners and producers of some of the finest wool carpets in Britain. 

Our Brockway Carpets guide will provide you with all the expert guidance you need before investing. Whether you’re doing general brand research ahead of your next flooring project or you’ve already got a carpet by Brockway in mind, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll introduce you to the wonderful family-run Brockway Carpets brand, its rich heritage and the many benefits of choosing Brockway flooring for your next project. We’ll also share our latest expert Brockway Carpets reviews with you so you can choose the best carpet type for your home. Plus, we’ll talk you through everything you need to know about Brockway Carpets prices to help you budget for your project.

Ready to meet the Brockway Carpet collection? Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  1. About Brockway Carpets
  2. Why Choose Brockway Carpets and flooring
  3. Reviews: Our top 3 Brockway Carpet styles
  4. Brockway Carpets prices 

About Brockway Carpets

Authentically British and passionate about its family heritage, Brockway Carpets has created beautiful, high-quality wool carpets and flooring since the 1960s. All of their carpets are made right here in the UK, in the company’s very own factory in the heart of Kidderminster – a town famous for its carpet-making heritage. 

Brockway Carpets has a passion for heirloom traditions: Their factory is home to generations of staff from the same families, carrying years of expertise and experience in exquisite carpet making. With this in mind, a Brockway carpet guarantees the utmost quality for your home flooring, and you can be confident that each design has decades of passion, love, and artisan craftsmanship are woven into every fibre.

Renowned as ‘The Home of Wool Carpet’, Brockway is one of the best brands to explore for high-quality wool carpets for your home. 

Why choose Brockway carpets and flooring?

There’s so much to love with Brockway Carpets that it’s hard to know where to begin. Below, we’ve listed the three best things about this fantastic flooring company:

Wool carpets without the compromise

Nothing beats the feeling of a real wool carpet underfoot, and every Brockway carpet is superbly crafted from the very best British wool.

The brand prides itself on its luxurious woollen carpet creations that guarantee to give your home a warmer, quieter feel with plenty of extra comfort for good measure. What’s more, Brockway never compromises on its use of the very best quality wool, and each carpet is exclusively either pure new wool or wool-rich for guaranteed luxury for your home. 

Kind to the environment, a friend to the farming industry

Our environment and its welfare are top of the list of considerations for most savvy shoppers, so it’s always good to know when a brand you’re buying from considers it just as carefully. 

Wool is among the most natural, sustainable and renewable fabrics for carpet manufacturing. It is incredibly luxurious, which is why Brockway Carpets exclusively uses wool for all of its creations. 

As well as being a friend to the environment, the wool used in Brockway’s popular Lakeland Herdwick range also helps sustain the wonderful farming traditions of some of the UK’s most far-flung and forgotten regions. This works wonders for protecting the incomes and heritage survival of our country’s rural communities. 

A wide variety of quality carpet styles to choose from

One of the greatest things about Brockway’s use of wool is the versatility of this incredible fabric. 

The fabric allows for a wide selection of styles, colours and designs, which you can shop at Morgan & Quinn. Whether you’re looking for something smooth and neutral, textured and traditional or bold and visually striking, our Brockway Carpets Collection has something to suit every home and budget. 

Reviews: Our top 3 Brockway Carpet styles

Research is key to choosing the perfect carpet for your home and your needs, which is why we’ve provided Brockway Carpets reviews for three of their best ranges. 

Below, we’ve detailed the need-to-know facts about each style and range to provide everything you need to make the best decision for your next flooring project. 

Brockway Beachcomber

The dreamy Brockway Beachcomber range is one of our bestselling carpet ranges at Morgan & Quinn. It is available in various soothing, nature-inspired colours and three weave designs: Classic, Strand and Dune. Brockway Beachcomber carpets make the perfect choice if you’re looking for a muted, neutral colour palette with a touch of cosy-yet-contemporary style.

Made using undyed wool in a loop-pile design, the Beachcomber carpet gives a chunky and comfy feel underfoot while creating a rustic and fresh visual style with plenty of warmth. We especially love the colour palette offered by the Brockway Beachcomber collection, with its welcoming neutrals that take inspiration from earthy rural tones.

All varieties of this carpet are suitable for use all over the home. However, the classic and ‘Dune’ varieties are designed to cope with heavy wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and busy family homes. 

Brockway Dimensions Heathers

The classic Brockway Dimensions Heathers carpet range gets its name from its attractively colour-flecked or ‘heathered’ appearance. It is manufactured in a hardwearing, thick twist pile design, which gives a wonderfully bouncy and comfy feel underfoot. The range also comes in a choice of two face weight qualities: 40 oz and 50 oz. 

The Dimensions Heathers 40 and Dimensions Heathers 50 collections are superb, hard-wearing carpets designed to suit busier homes with heavy foot traffic. However, the 50 oz range does offer a higher level of durability thanks to its heavier fibre weight. You can choose the weight that best matches the needs of your home and family life.

Aside from its superb level of durability, one of our favourite things about the Brockway Dimensions Heathers collection is the sheer variety of colourways. With up to 24 beautiful flecked tonal shades in a contemporary colour palette, you’re truly spoiled for choice with this collection. 

Brockway Lakeland Herdwick

The last, but certainly not least, of our Brockway Carpets reviews centres on the delightful Brockway Lakeland Herdwick collection. Easily one of Brockway Carpet’s most treasured collections, these beautiful carpets are crafted from the wool of the Lake District’s hardy Herdwick sheep. 

The wool used for this range creates hard-wearing carpets with a wonderfully warm and cosy feeling underfoot. Whilst the collection helps to sustain the important and traditional farming traditions of Cumbria’s rural communities.

Choosing a Brockway Lakeland Herdwick carpet means you get an incredibly durable, rugged carpet that can withstand even the busiest household lifestyles. 

You also get three incredible designs to choose from: The Lakeland Herdwick Weave, which gives a beautiful herringbone texture effect; the Lakeland Herdwick Twist, which offers a super soft and springy feel; and the classic Lakeland Herdwick carpet range, which offers a variety of designs including a subtle and contemporary stripe effect.

Whichever range you choose, we know from experience and through trading with Brockway for many years that all Brockway carpets offer a high level of customer satisfaction, durability, comfort and contemporary style. 

Brockway Carpets Prices

The Brockway carpet range is renowned for its luxury and high-quality wool, often with a price tag to match. However, the good news is that Brockway Carpets’ prices cover a range of budget levels, making it more affordable than you might think. 

Brockway Carpets’ prices here at Morgan & Quinn range from the Heathcote range at £20 per square metre to the Salcombe range at £55 per square metre. And the best part is, absolutely all Brockway carpet designs are crafted from 100% wool, and all offer a high level of durability and visual beauty, so choosing a lower priced carpet is by no means a compromise. 

All of the Brockway ranges at Morgan & Quinn carry a higher suggested retail price elsewhere online, so you get the satisfaction of a fantastic deal if you decide to invest in a Brockway carpet from us. 

To get a full sense of the range of Brockway Carpets prices and get a feel for the quality and styles available, explore the complete Brockway Carpets Collection here at Morgan & Quinn. Or, if you’re looking for more wool carpets to enhance your interior, be sure to shop our Gaskell Wool Rich range, which is filled with colours and designs to suit every room in your house!

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