All about Penthouse Carpets

Penthouse carpets have been manufacturing luxurious wool-rich carpets in the Uk for over 40 years. From Buckley Carpet Mill in Rochdale they produce some of the best British made carpets available on the market today and each come in a vast variety of different colours as well as grades.

The Penthouse products on our website have been the most popular in recent months with the Esprit 75oz and the Shoreline 50oz standing out in particular.

Our Penthouse carpets are turned around in 24 hours and then dispatched next day to mainland UK. We are the most competitive online for Penthouse Carpets and delivery.

Take a look at the whole Penthouse range and see for yourself. Most high street carpet shops will have a display of Penthouse carpets for you to look at or alternatively you can request a sample. Then come back to us and take advantage of our fantastic prices and turnaround times.

If you have any questions regarding these ranges then do not hesitate to get in touch using the live chat feature online, or email now.

Caring for your Penthouse carpet…

As with most material product, you must take good care of it to retain a good appearance. Remember that the the of footwear used on a carpet effects the wear of your carpet, in particular high heels and rubber soles can cause excess wear.

It is recommended that carpets are cleaned little and often rather than infrequently and rigorously. A good clean with a vacuum cleaner or carpet sweeper twice a week is much better than using something more serious once every few weeks. That been said, every carpet, after a medium to long term period of domestic use will benefit from professional cleaning by a carpet cleaner.

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