It turns out that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get yourself a high quality carpet that’s able to be selected by yourself from the comfort of your own home. We at Morgan & Quinn pride ourselves on offering a solution to the issue of overpriced and hassled carpeting with these five affordable carpets:

1. Magnum - from £3.78 m2

The popular Magnum is available in four different colours: blue, tobacco, honey, and whisky. With this variety and thanks to the robust texture of the carpet it is exceptionally versatile meaning that it’s suitable for the lounge, dining area, bedroom, hall, and even the stairs. Indeed, the carpets quality is commended by a 4.5 star rating by our own customers. No one can deny that this carpet is affordable and a bargain at only £3.78 per m2. With the average living room size being around 25m2, the total cost of carpeting such a room would average somewhere around £94.50 with the wonderful Magnum carpet.

2. Turbo - only £3.99 m2

With a slightly smaller pile than the Magnum this carpet offers a more solid appearance. Once again this is available in four colours: Charcoal, Dark Beige, Light Brown, and Mink. These neutral colours are able to be laid in any rooms other than the bathroom and the kitchen, this therefore means that the adaptable carpet can be laid in a large part of the house whilst still meeting even the tightest of budgets. The price for one square metre of the Turbo is £3.99.

3. Atlas - only £3.99 m2

This felt backed carpet offers a slightly softer appearance and feel than some of the other carpets we have on offer. Prices start at £3.99 per Ms so no one can deny that luxury is available for less with Morgan & Quinn. As if the price alone wasn’t enough, this carpet is available in either: Black, Brown, Driftwood, Mercury, or Oatmeal colours. Once again the only areas this carpet isn’t suitable for is the bathroom or kitchen, even so such a luxurious cut-price carpet cannot be overlooked.

4. Seattle - only £4.49 m2

A little more robust looking than some of other carpets, the Seattle is sure to be a winner for those who appreciate something that’s built to last. For a square metre of the Seattle prices start at £4.49, still making this high-end carpet accessible for those who are looking to keep in budget. On top of this it is one of our more customisable products as it’s available in 7 different colours: Anthracite, Beige, Grey Ghost, Mink, Steel, Stone, or Taupe.

5. Oasis - only £4.98 m2

The Oasis is one of our more traditional carpets based on appearance and prices start from £4.98 per M2. Available in four classic colours: camel, dark-grey, dark-taupe, and mouse, this carpet is certain to please anyone who is searching for the perfect start to any new room, or even a new look for an old room.

As ever, for anyone who needs further assistance when looking for a carpet, whether it be with a budget or without, help yourself find the best deal for you by using our customer help chat if needed. Take a look at our full range of cheap carpets, including these 5 cheaper options and many more.